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Open Mon - Fri 10:00-18:00
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Digital Marketing Agency Email manager@opendg.net Call Now! +91 9010 3888 55

Content Management

No one can deny the importance of ‘Content’ in Digital Marketing.Content is the undercurrent that runs through everything that is associated with Digital marketing.Now that Google has started giving utmost importance for quality content, Content Marketing is all set to become the new buzz word in the field of Digital Marketing.

We, at OpenDg, take utmost care about the content right in all the facets of our services.We carefully understand the requirements of our client and followed by the research by our technical and creative team to identify our target audiences and their interests.We devise the strategy accordingly giving an ample space for all the dynamic activities that are the part of the evolution process.We develop specific contents plans on monthly, quarterly basis.

Content is developed on a regularl basis which includes Blog Articles, E-mail Campaigns, Infographics, Website Content and any other specifics.Our understanding of SEO and Content optimization techniques helps us provide a ‘Keyword’ rich content with ‘Call to Actions’ to improve the exposure and drive traffic.The generated content is marketed on all the prior mentioned domains listed out based on the research to maximize and amplify the exposure.Everything is tracked by our best in class analytics and the feedback is duly recorded to optimize the process.

What we can do for you

Let us help you to make it SEO-friendly. Content Management System, gives you full control over your online presence. Our team will work on any existing web Content Management Systems, allowing you to refresh your site’s design while maintaining the familiarity of your existing workflow. OpenDG help you in CMS to control your own websites, and update content as frequently as you like.

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Building
  • Analytics
  • Web 2.0/Social Media Management

We are a team of experts

OpenDG was founded in 2014 by Srinivas Sarakadam.We care about quality,craft and desciplined experimentation,we are active contributors in Digital Marketing,Web Designing&development we channel our client’s voices,values and make complex things done.We’re a sincere company with a straight forward vision.we’re an award-winning team that transforms ideas into great experiences. we ranked 94% succeess ratio from 150+ clients across globe! our services will bring high value to your inputs at affordable prices.

Case Studies

We discover and understand your marketing space and we set banding goals based on your available budget.