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Hyderabad Events

Hyderabad Events

Hyderabad Events is an event discovery platform dedicated for all the events based in Hyderabad. A one stop destination for all type of events: concerts, workshops, seminars, plays, sports, conferences; they also handle promotion and ticketing.


Increase in traffic

55 %

Increase in Leads


An event website is crowd puller for sure, but only if it is reasonably known to the public and an online presence is not enough it has to be a trusty worthy one too. So, it was a dual challenge here for us, we have to create an effective SEO strategy from ground zero for the website and concurrently provide a affable branding image through the social media channels.


Considering our expertise in the field, the SEO part was easy for us. It was easily taken care of. Branding was the real deal here. We have created some really interesting crowd pulling campaigns via social media channels for branding purposes cleverly targeting the Christmas and New Year celebrations that resulted in large engagements.


Being an event marketing firm, the field is quite diverse so our targeted keywords coupled with our deep linking methodologies have worked very well now. We could easily bring about 20 + keywords in Google first page in a very less time frame driving a tremendous traffic to the site. Our campaigns resulted in a very good number of engagements showing a strong improvement in social media metrics too.