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Cloudace Technologies is one of the leading IT Service Providers based in Hyderabad. They are now a renowned brand in IT industry for their Corporate Training Programs and Cloud Services. Their list of services includes Security & Storage Solutions, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Salesforce, Data Center Solutions and Corporate Training.


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Cloudace have been providing quality services at affordable prices for a while now. But it was important for them to be found online, as the most businesses in their line of work are thriving due to their better online presence which was non-existent in case of Cloudace.

The challenge here was to get everything right from the base which was also a blessing in disguise for a digital marketing firm like us for giving our best shot. In order to compete with already set players in the businesses, we have to target those high competition keywords and work immensely to get them into the first page on the Google. We have to target all the channels aggressively to get the results, in comparison with the big players.


Optimization of website by resolving the issues followed by an extensive competitor research was our first stop. We have compiled an extensive list of targeted keywords that could bring the said gains in comparatively less amount of time. Our deep linking strategies with quality back links helped us create a base for our campaign. A wide range of relevant Social media channels were targeted with the support of quality content and graphics to create the awareness of brand ‘Cloudace’


Our efforts paid off very well as we could clinch more than 60+ keywords on the first page of Google.
Our deep linking methodologies coupled with our social media targeting resulted in drastic improvement in both social media metrics and traffic to the website. Our continued efforts across all the verticals made Cloudace to be recognized as reputed brand among audience.

*Attached is the image regarding the page views and sessions for Cloudace.