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Ways to Boost Your New Branding Website!

Wikipedia opines SEO is “The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

In my words, SEO is the process of optimizing your content, website in search engines to get top result in search engine results page of a certain keyword.

A Website/Blog, the importance of this could have witnessed by now, by You Me and Every one of us. Call it a profile for an Individual or an Organization and for their businesses, it is the Digital Representation in today’s day to day life.

Let’s discuss about The Ways to Boost Your New Branding Website!

1) Mobile Compatibility- It is otherwise called as MOBILE VIEW of a website. Not everyone has a chance to browse over Desktop/Laptop, then and there whenever required. But today every individual is definitely on at least one Smart Phone in their hand. So, whatever be the kind of your Website is? Be it a Static Website or a Dynamic Website, make it Mobile Friendly. Ask your developer to enable it today.

Google says that ‘It sees more Mobile Searches than Desktop Searches on a daily basis.’

2) On page SEO- Major Factors

Anchor text, in any Hyperlink the Clickable Text is called Anchor Text. It’s good to give KEYWORDS in the Anchor Text which helps in getting Search Engine Rankings. To determine what the Hyperlink is about, Search Engines often looks at the Anchor Text. To put it in simple, it is known as SUBJECT.

<a href=”http://www.website.com”>Our Website</a>

The words “Our Website” are the anchor text.

Meta Tags are the Text Snippets that describes about a Web Page Content. Inclusive of Title, Description and URL; Meta Tags will appear only in the Page’s Code but not on the Web Page. They help in telling the Search Engines what that particular Web Page is about.

Page speed is prominent to your user/reader experience. Web Pages which load slowly tend to have a high bounce rates, affecting your conversions. So faster pages both Rank and Convert better. Page Speed can be described in Page Load Time but Page Speed is not your Website Speed! Don’t get confused.

3) Unique Content – Be it your Website/Blog; present it uniquely right from the scratch because Uniqueness Matters. And you can definitely stand tall among your competitors.

Be an Eagle Eye rather than Copycat. 

4) Choosing Keywords: What is a Keyword? A Keyword means/is a Word used by the Search Engine to find Relevant Web Documents.

For any Product/Service, initially write down the relevant Keywords manually and then go for a machine search that is by doing Keyword Research with the available Keyword Planner. Long Tail Keywords, are very, very specific with three to four Keyword phrases, which give exact search phrase in specific for your website/blog users. So, Target Long Tail Keywords.

To Explain this,

 Keyword1 – Black Shoes; Keyword2- Black Shoes Men Size9

Which is a better Keyword to use? Keyword1 or Keyword2??

5) Social Media & Engagements – Social Media is the platform across various channels to participate in social networking. To name some of the channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and so on. The necessity of Social Media Channels for a website is directly proportional to the products and services, which means not every website needs all the available SM Channels but it depends on that particular website’s products and services to activate the required SM Channels and engage with their users. Here in between and among the Social Media Channels, users/readers can Like Share and even Review about your Website’s Products and Services.


For Example: A Bakery kind of Website may not require a LinkedIn Channel/Page to participate and engage their users but a College/Training Institute Website definitely require the same LinkedIn Channel/Page to participate and engage their users.

6) High Quality Back Links- Back Links are the incoming Hyper Links from a Web Page to other Website. A High/Good Quality Back Link is a Back Link that links to a website using Keywords/Keyword Phrases, also appears on other website that has same theme or similar content as that of yours.

Just a Couple of High Quality Back Links are effective than a bunch of Low Quality Back Links. Always aim for High Quality Back Links.

7) Images- ALT Tag is referred as the ALT Attribute within the IMG Tag. Every time an image is used for your Website/Blog make sure you include Alt Tag for that image as it enables Alternative Text for your Website readers/users. Hence it is also known as ALT Text. The accepted format can be in .JPG/JPEG and attach/upload unique and relevant images. Try to speak/deliver with an Image you share, its worth than a Paragraph to explain.

8) Videos – YouTube is the World’s Second Biggest Search Engine. Have a YouTube Channel attached to your Website and trust me Outstanding Videos can take your Website/Blog to the Sky. Today Videos are the King of Content. A lot of things can be conveyed through meaningful Videos other than paragraphs and pages of content. Whatever be the kind of Website/Blog it is, try to do Video Posts regularly to get engagements and increase your users.

9) User Friendly- Here your Products/Services and Target Audience matters. Whatever be the kind of Website/Blog it is, present it as per your end users. Also keep in mind about the devices your end users might use for browsing. Take into consideration about the Website Loading Speed metrics.

10) Structure – Does the Structure of a Website really matter? Yes.

A good website Structure leads to a great experience for the user when he/she navigates your page. Google loves well structured websites. Because if your Website is structured properly that is by aligning all the necessary Sub Pages under Home Page and Mini Pages/Posts under Sub Pages, it will be easy for the CRAWLERS to do its job. Henceforth it gives a boost in the SEO Perspective also. Go for Block Popup always and doesn’t encourage Pop up’s even if it is for your own website/Blog.

Thank you for your patience and we hope the above ways are helpful to boost your Website. Hence Forth concluding that the only way to boost your website is only through SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

For latest updates on Digital marketing stay to our blog.


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