Ways for getting more Facebook likes

Ways for getting more Facebook likes

Ways for getting more Facebook likes

Set goals

Your goal of new likes should have specific and measurable parameters. Calculate how many likes you are going to get in every month and set a goal for next month.

Improve your page

Facebook is the first place where we can find our friends and business online, business should think about their page as a cornerstone of their identity.

Keep your profile and cover photo with high-quality images, fill every part of a section of your page and once in a month audit your page and remove outdated content.

Link your Facebook page with website or blog

Linking to your page with website or blog this will make your visitors easy to follow.

Be responsive

If u want more people to like your Facebook fan page, you have to give answers if anyone asks questions on your post try to give a reply to that post.

Hold a photo contest

Ask a photo submission to your customers

Caption the picture

Post a funny photo and ask your fans to come up with their funny and creative caption to this image.

Try to Share pictures of events in recent industry

Share event images of your industry; don’t forget to give hashtags for captions

Post a slide share presentations

Create slide share account post your company presentations regularly and share in social media.

Engage your fans

Keep your fans engaged by showing the upcoming news or blogs

Thanks your fans

It will build your connections with your fans.

Promote your services

As you must be wondering why this is placed last, first of all, use social media to build relationships, there is a particular time for self-promotion in social media

Last but not least don’t force your brand to your audience to like your page, and you don’t be the brand that only talks about itself. It’s about being an expert and helping others find useful information.


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