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How to get the Site links from Google

Sitelinks’: How to get the Sitelinks from Google?

What is a ‘Sitelink’?

The small subheadings (alias internal links) that are shown below a website’s main URL in Google’s organic search results are called Sitelinks. These links act as shortcuts to the most important pages of your site i.e. they help the interested visitors in finding the information they need and navigate your site in a timely method. Sitelinks not only provide insight into your site’s structure and bring information and your website’s options up front to users, but they also increase your search engine real estate and click-through rates. Here are some more key benefits:

  • Superior link visibility, which leads to more traffic
  • Reduce in bounce rates, since users can zero in on definite pages
  • Push competitor sites further down the page



How do I get those Sitelinks?

Google has this “Sitelink Analysis Algorithm”  based on which they gift you these Sitelinks.So, they generally advise webmasters to make their sites with apparent direction-finding and a well-planned ladder of pages to help you get those ‘Sitelinks’. There is no concrete method for these ‘Sitelinks’ but having worked on a lot of websites with ‘Sitelinks’ we could infer the following points:

          1.Easy navigation for the website.

          2.Unique titles and Meta descriptions for internal pages

          3.Superior organic search traffic.

          4.Strong click through rates from the search results page.

          5.Admired internal pages generally appear as Sitelinks.

Similarly, we have also worked on some troubled sites which could not get these ‘Sitelinks’, following are their characteristics:

      1.Few target pages: The vast mainstream of traffic is directed to just one page.

      2.Identical ‘Meta’ title and descriptions for internal pages.

      3.Thin and uninformative content on the pages.

      4.No proper internal linking structure.

It has to be said that, there is no concrete method for these ‘Sitelinks’. The above inferences might have given you an idea by now.  In short: Google rewards websites with good practices.

What can you do if your website has the wrong Sitelinks?

Wrong Sitelinks for the website, is one tricky situation.Sometimes, Google might exhibit ‘Sitelinks’ that end up as dead pages or to the web pages that you don’t desire your web surfers to see.

Getting rid of those unwanted ‘Sitelinks’ is easy: Log in to your Google Webmaster tools account and snap on Links > Sitelinks in the navigation and block those ‘Sitelinks’ that you don’t want to exhibit.

Unfortunately, you can only block ‘Sitelinks’ with Google’s tools; you cannot request that Google to show your ‘Sitelinks’ for your website. The road to these ‘Sitelinks’ is hard and long process; hiring a good SEO expert might save your time .