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Guide for Internal Linking of website.

Most of the SEOs know the word Internal Linking. But most of them neglect this advanced technique. But it is more helpful for our site.

Before some time back I just want to write daily new blogs and post on my website. I feel boarded by writing as a daily task. After some days so much content is on my website.

But one instance I share my old blogs to my visitors I used to keep old links in the new blogs. Then the traffic is increasing and bounce rate is suddenly decreasing. And I noticed more pages per session also because visitors are migrated to another page of my website of internal linking.

Then I realize the power of internal linking. By this we have more benefits like organic search engine ranking, low bounce rate, more pages per session.

In brief words internal linking is a type of hyperlink connecting one page of your website to another page of the same website. That means the source domain is same as target domain.


Internal linking allows for good website navigation, structure and allows search engines to crawl our websites. The main aim of internal linking is to distribute page authority and ranking power throughout the site.

Structure of internal linking is as follows.

<a href=”http://www.same-domain.com/” title=”Keyword Text”>Keyword Text</a>


Every website has internal linking as the basis of general architecture of website. Few mistakes generally do most of the member’s are more internal links to home page or contact us page. This technique found by spiders. Use other pages and similar content for internal linking. We want to follow is what type of internal linking that loves by spiders.

In the previous linking strategy most of the links are no follow in order to increase the flow of link juice to a single page rather than spreading evenly over all pages. This is called page rank sculpting but it doesn’t work. It is best to allow the natural flow of link juice by using follow tag rather than controlling of link juice.

<a href=”/” rel=”nofollow”>nofollow this link</a>

Use links that are natural for the reader so that spiders also love this type of links. Follow links are the best way to internal linking of our website.

<a href=”/” rel=”follow”>follow this link</a>

Use good number of internal links in order to use too many links. Nobody knows what the good number was. I suggest around three to four, depending on the length of your post. Use related anchor text, will improve your search engine rankings.

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