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Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is a great tool, no doubt about that; it gives us a great power in harnessing the potential of Internet marketing. But, with great power comes the great responsibility. You have to be cautious while designing an Email market campaign for it has a greater chance of spoiling your reputation and here is some basic advice for you to follow:

  1. Never Spam your audience:

Spamming is the most common form of a headache faced by users now. Would you be happy if you were to continuously receive unwanted calls on your phone? You would block them and in the worst case, report them!

Follow the below rules to avoid the pitfalls of being accused as a spammer:

  1. Make your mail a professional one:
  2. Use clear names and addresses.
  3. Avoid using too many numbers of caps, exclamation marks, and ‘free’ words.
  4. Never send an attachment file with bulk emails unless the user is expecting it.
  5. Make your content engaging:

Content is the core of an e-mail marketing campaign, for that matter, it is the backbone of any internet marketing model. People often receive so many emails on daily basis, so it is important for you to stand out among them. Keep your content fresh and engaging. It is very important to craft your copy by mixing up your promotional and informational content to a healthy level.

  1. Test Your E-mails:

Since there is no particular authority to judge the effectiveness of your mail campaigns before making it live, it is best if you opt for mail testing services. Making a test right before you send a mail is the best way to optimize your content or your set of audience.

  1. Emphasize on mobile friendly campaigns:

It is estimated that more than 50% of the emails are being opened on the mobile phone, which is why you should take an extra care on the mobile friendliness of your campaigns. For example, subject lines of your campaigns may not be effective particularly with mobile screens as they are shorter than that of the desktops. So a short subject line can do the trick for you. Same goes for the kind of e-mail templates you select for your campaigns.

  1. Authentication:

According to strict rules placed upon by the Companies Act 1985, you’re sent e-mail must follow strict authentication that includes: Your Company’ name, registration number, place of registration and registered office address.