A Simple and Effective Guide to Increase Your Engagements on Facebook :

A Simple and Effective Guide to Increase Your Engagements on Facebook :

Facebook is continuously dominating the popularity contest as a key component of most content marketing strategies.

Here are some actionable, effective and creative methods you can apply on Facebook to drive traffic to your site or blog.

Profile Optimization :

Profile Optimization is the first box you should check before you embark on the main process.

Follow these steps:

  • Create a genuine company page for your business.
  • Add a profile picture and cover photo.
  • Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your cover photo.
  • Fill out your the ‘About’ section with basic information and add company milestones.


The timing of your Facebook post is something you should seriously consider. Thursday and Friday are the best days to post something important and 1 PM is the best time for shares and 3 PM is best for the clicks. These timings are bound to change if you are targeting foreign audience.


You have to take care about your images, period. It is estimated that an average image receives 53 percent more likes and has a whopping 84% click through rate for links. 

  • Upload a relevant image with pinch of humor (with in your context)
  • Keep a special track of important events and days in your field and make sure that your post gives you an exposure.
  • Analyse your posts using ‘Face book Insights’ and repeat the types of posts that have worked best for you.
  • Use a shortened link in all your full sized posts, to keep your text cleaner and simpler.


Short Updates:

    On Facebook, though, short, witty updates generate the most engagement and click-throughs. Ideally, keep your update one sentence. Remember that lots of your fans are using Facebook on mobile too. The short text will look good in the mobile view.

Seek the Audience Insights:

    You can see what kind of content your audience responds to, what kind of content they ignore and therefore what content you should concentrate on and put your efforts into. The activities, posts, comments and any other type of engagement you encounter on your brand’s Facebook page, offer a valuable data for you to consider.

Pin the Important Posts:

When you post new content to your Facebook Page, older posts get pushed farther down your timeline. This can also happen to your most valuable post which can improve your weight. You can use pinned posts as a way to promote new stuff like new lead-gen offers, upcoming events, or important product announcements.

Unique and valuable content:

This has to be the most important of the lot and that is why this theme recurs in every point unintentionally. 

These following simple rules can potentially make your content look sharp and effective

  • Keep your sentences short and instructive.
  • Tag relevant authorities for greater reach.
  • Ask relevant question to garner interest.
  • Do not post too frequently.
  • Track relevant hashtags.

There you go guys ! this process is time tested and have brought on some rich dividends for us time to time. But do remember that you will have to continuously update your strategy based on the scope and Facebook updates. So keep a keen eye on those updates.

Best of Luck.


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