Featured snippets: How to get them all

Featured snippets: How to get them all

Featured snippets: How to get them all


Google is displaying answers for many search queries directly in its search results. The Featured Snippet is the box at the top that displays the direct answer that has been pulled from web page related to our query in search box without the user having to visit the actual page.

Why should you think about featured snippets? :

Snippets occupy the “#0” position, i.e. top position of SERP. Featured Snippets are always displayed before the traditional organic results.

The featured snippet block includes a summary of the answer which is extracted from a website with a link to the page. When you click on that particular link, you will be redirected to the blog’s specific content page for detailed information.

Types of Featured Snippets:

  • Paragraph Snippets.

The Paragraph Snippets and answer the WHAT questions.

  • List Snippets.

List Snippets answer the HOW questions.

  • Table Snippets.

Display the answers in the form of table.

Benefits of featured snippets:  

  • Google featured snippets can increase your website search traffic. They can help a website’s rankings to go higher in search results.
  • Audience gets direct answers to their queries with these snippets. They get a relevant, high quality and direct answer without going through a lot of links.
  • Getting featured snippets for your site means you are ranking in the top 5 search results. Because the snippets most of the times, top 5 search results get featured snippets information. So if our site is in top position then site can easily get snippets.

How to catch featured snippets for your site or blog:

Google mostly shows featured snippets box for basic questions like “how to”, “what is”, “why” often gets direct answers including page url from Google which are tracked from a web page related to the question. So, make sure to find a list of all the “basic questions” your audience might have in their mind and try to put.

Find out what they might type on Google to get answers. The more you dig into the basics of your field the better chances you have to get a snippet box on search results.

If you write detailed and useful information how to posts with lots of bullet points, you will have better chances of getting featured box in the Google search results.


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