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We pull all the digital disciplines together, to enhance our client’s online market presence and improve their product salability.


About Our Company

We are a bunch passionate hard working people who pride ourselves in delivering the value for our clients. We look beyond the stereotypical curve of age-old practices, providing our clients with result driven marketing strategies. Be it your brand building, online marketing or lead generation, our team of professionals can help you providing optimal solutions for improving your business.
In short our work for our clients can be summarized as follows:
Create: We create a customized business strategy for your business
Capture: Create a content-based marketing campaign to capture the attention of your business prospects.
Convert: Converting your prospects into customers and customers into your clients.









OpenDG Team


  • Thomas Polk

    Managing Partner at The Polk Group

    Mr Srinivas Sarakadam, who is arguably the best SMO professional in India, has helped me turning my ecommerce business into a profitable one. His programming skill and effort ethic have far surpassed my expectations. I do not hesitate to recommend him for any type of SEO service.

  • Martin Vorten

    Owner at Vorten Media

    I have always appreciated Mr Srinivas hard work and commitment towards any task. He has been a very dedicated and product-oriented person. In his role as an SMO expert, Srinivas has demonstrated leadership abilities and successfully managed a team, His drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any organization. I wish him all the best for a bright career ahead.

  • Dennis Newsome

    Marketing & Sales Manager at WriteRight

    He is the best in Google AdSense. Those who are looking for able direction in Google AdSense can approach him as he has the ability to optimize AdSense revenue and manage account of the company. Also, he is the right person to guide the persons who want to initiate into online business. Full appreciation to Srinivas, today I am able to operate my own blog which has many Google ads.

  • Lydia Hyles

    Community Manager at FlexInc

    Srinivas Sarakadam is knowledgeable and a very talented SMO Professional. My organization has benefitted immensely from PPC, digital marketing techniques offered by him. He exuberates high level of creativity that can propel the growth of any growth.

  • Beverly Gaines

    I had the pleasure of being a workmate to Srinivas during my time with SEOpact in Visakhapatnam. I rate him the best SEO expert in India. He displayed enormous potential in SEO and Digital marketing too, and maintains great interface with clients. I wish him all the best...

  • Shawn Nichols

    I relied on Srinivas when my website faced the situation of harmful reviews and he fixed up solutions to all my problems in a quick period of time to my satisfaction. He is amiable, approachable and throws himself to provide high quality of customer service at all times. In a nutshell, he is the panacea to all those companies and individuals who suffer from identity crisis.

  • Pamela Bastain

    SEO Manager at Reynolds & Styles Marketing

    Srinivas has a marked reputation as an SMO professional and SEO expert in India. Full accolades to Srinivas, I have acquired knowledge in the broad areas of SEO, PPC, and Google Adwords Training, analytics training etc. A firm believer in the practises of SEO, Mr.Srinivas provides theoretical training to people who are eager to learn SMO, SEO, Google Adwords from the scratch and set their eyes on becoming SEO Experts.

  • George Lawrence

    Marketing Manager at Mercy Designs

    I have had high level of satisfaction with the quality of service offered by Srinivas as a Digital marketing Specialist. The unique methods adopted by Srinivas have boosted the rankings of my blog in Google.

  • Carla Sims

    Senior Account Manager at TData Systems

    Sarkadam has been handling all of our SEO needs for the last few years and I have reaped rich benefits from his professional traits. His multitasking abilities make him exceptionally good as the PPC Professional, SMO Expert. He can do wonders for any business.

  • Kimberly Yates

    Public Relations Account Manager at Knight Media Group

    Srinivas will prove to be a delightful man to work with in any organization. Technically, he was extremely helpful to me and other equals within the team. He has extensive knowledge in SEO & SEM techniques that have maximized my company’s search engine optimization and online presence.

    Public Relations Account Manager at Knight Media Group

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